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Family Search Center

Open to the Public

The Family Search Center
is located in the Oklahoma City
Stake building
5020 NW 63rd Street
Oklahoma City, OK

Phone: 405-721-8455

Weekday Hours:
Tues, Wed, Thurs – 10am – 2pm and 6pm – 9pm.

Weekend Hours:
Saturdays – 10am – 2pm
Sundays – 5pm -7pm.
Closed for major Holidays, and during General Conference weekends.
***Please call before coming if weather is questionable.

Oklahoma City Family History Library Open to the Public

Are you curious about your ancestors?
Would you like to research your family history?

Family Search Networking! Create a family tree -- share your family history with family members and genealogists all over the world.

LET US HELP YOU GET STARTED We have 40 genealogist volunteers available to help you find your family ancestors. We also have high speed internet, 14 up to date computers, computer programs at no charge, and a large library of reference materials and microfilm.

Through the website you can locate all the Family Search Centers located in Oklahoma. There is also a workshop schedule to help you view all seminars and workshops scheduled, along with registration information. We have information to help you start Indexing; How to begin and use Family Search; How to find Resources along with a list of Resource books, microfilm, and microfiche available; and Premium websites available at no charge.

Oklahoma City Family History Center offers:
• Use of computers, printers and copiers • High Speed internet connection • Free access to premium websites
• Microfilm and microfiche readers • Maps, books, magazines, journals and newsletters • Free genealogy workshops

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